Hardwood Care & Maintenance

Help to ensure that your hardwood flooring always looks its best by following our care & maintenance guide. 

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Preventative Maintenance

Hardwood maintenance is incredibly simple. By sweeping your hardwood floors on a daily basis, you can help keep them consistently looking great. Sweeping helps to remove dirt and other debris that can scratch or harm your hardwood. It will also help prevent the build-up of debris in the cracks of your hardwood flooring.

Homeowners may also decide to wet-mop their hardwood flooring as well, but be wary of leaving standing water on your floor for an extended period as this can cause damage.

Daily Hardwood Care

When it comes to daily hardwood care, actively sweeping your floors will go a long way. You may also elect to place doormats outside of your entrances to help limit the debris that enters your way. Area rugs will also enable you to maintain your hardwood flooring for an extended period. On the whole, hardwood is about as durable of a flooring option as there is, so daily maintenance is relatively simple. 

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Dealing With Spills & Stains

When it comes to spills & stains, hardwood is not as vulnerable to damage as other flooring options, like carpet. If you spill liquid on your hardwood flooring, you can simply wipe the liquid up in a timely manner with a cloth or a towel and that's that. That's all there is to it! If your spill persists, contact your floor manufacturer for an approved cleaning solution and directions on how to move forward.

For spills or messes that are solid in nature, use your broom to remove them from your hardwood floor.